Saturday Morning, State of the Nate

Well, to say that the past week has been chaotic would be pretty appropriate. Cobalt City Timeslip was finalized, sent to the printer, re-finalized, sent to the printer again, the Seattle Storm took the WNBA title for the second time (GO STORM!), did an interview, fielded a bunch of email resulting from said interview, put the book up for pre-order, got a metric buttload of product pushed through the pipes at the day job, managed to find time for dinner and a movie (Devil – go see it), and planning got underway for the big WHAT’S NEXT.

So it’s nice to have a relatively quiet Saturday morning seated at the Wayward Coffeehouse, Americano at my right, panda hat on my left, the whole day out in front of me.

Ideally, I’m going to get a bit of writing in. While decisions have yet to be made on the next anthology, I’m settling into some solid plans for content for the Timid Pirate website that will enrich the Cobalt City universe and bring in readers on a monthly basis. Today, I’m going to start charting out how that’s going to look, as well as working on the potential audio podcasts.

Then meeting with a bookstore owner this afternoon, dinner with a friend, maybe a concert tonight, game-prep tomorrow, more writing, and Bulldogs game early tomorrow afternoon.

Compared to last week, that should be relaxing. 🙂

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