What next for Cobalt City?

With the next anthology, Timeslip, being readied for the printers, the inevitable question arises. What next?

Timid Pirate Publishing is committed to doing one Cobalt City anthology every year. Some ideas have been knocked about, some more seriously than others. Romance, Invasion, World Tour, Cthulhu, the Neighborhoods…all have some appeal. Some are being ruled out for the next book for a variety of reasons.

Romance — not really our strong suit, nor the market Cobalt City is looking for. But somewhere down the road, it’s a distinct possibility.

Invasion — I’d really like to do this as a coordinated piece, almost more of a novel rather than as a loose anthology. We’d show the same massive inter-dimensional invasion from many different points of view, somehow tying it all together. That’s more ambitious than I want to deal with just yet.

World Tour — very appealing, but why not develop Cobalt City itself some more first? That leads us to…

Neighborhoods — each story taking place in one of the eight districts of Cobalt City, capturing the character of each neighborhood. This is a very appealing concept for me, and would serve the setting well if done right.

Cthulhu — well, everyone loves Cthulhu. He’s the next vampire, the next zombie. Cthulhu stuff is cropping up everywhere. And the universe has had those elements in it from the very beginning, the King in Yellow in particular. It’s a natural fit.

The discussion is ongoing. The last two are the strongest contenders. We might think of some other ideas before the call goes out in June. And maybe the fans and writers of the anthologies might have some ideas of their own.

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