Foolscap 12 – Schedule

Just got my schedule for Foolscap, my favorite convention of the year (September 24-26, Redmond). While sad that the panel on “Whatever Happened to Shared World Fiction” didn’t happen, there are still some good panels and a writing workshop on Friday to look forward to.

On tap for the con —
Collaborating for Fun and Profit – Saturday 10-11 am – In the age of the Internet, collaboration is easier than ever. Should you collaborate on a project? What tools should you use? What are some of the common pitfalls and benefits?

Scriptwriting – Saturday 3-4:30 pm – How is writing for the screen or the comic book different from writing books or stories? Tips & techniques.

Strut Your Stuff – Saturday 9-9:30 pm – The crowd will dictate what I read, either some horror/erotica or some super-hero action. Regardless, something from an impending anthology.

Stress Management for Artists/Writers – Sunday 4-5 pm – Combating stress endemic to creative professionals, such as writer’s block, procrastination, juggling freelance work, coping with bad reviews, etc.

Come on out to Redmond and enjoy the best little convention the Seattle area has to offer.

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