The countdown begins…

Cobalt City Timeslip is marching towards the finish line. While we’re not quite in Victory Lap mode, we’re not in Bataan Death March mode either. Timid Pirate Publishing had a big meeting last week and took a look at what’s done, what NEEDS to be done, and what needs to happen to get those things done. The list was far less daunting than I had feared. Here’s the blow-by-blow for the little publisher that could.

  • Press releases have gone out to a great number of places on my list, and review copies have been sent out to 3 places. I hear we’ll be seeing one review coming in this weekend, which is early enough we might be able to use a blurb on the book and promotional materials.
  • An ISBN has been purchased for Timeslip, and we already have one for Cobalt City Blues and Greetings from Buena Rosa. We’re on track to re-release Cobalt City next week and Timeslip on schedule.
  • Our official paperwork was finished, which was a big relief.
  • A release party/reading is in the works at my favorite local coffee joint. That warrants its own post when everything is confirmed.
  • A schedule for re-releases was worked out. We’ll be putting out one book a month, with the final re-print coming out in January 2011.
  • Our website was updated to clearly state that while our image and name might be whimsical, it didn’t mean our books are for all age groups. Last thing I want is some grandmother picking up copies of Timeslip or, saints forbid Chanson Noir, for her 12 yr. old grandson…not unless she knows what she’s getting in for.
  • Finally, we discussed the next anthology, Biopunk, which just opened for submissions on Wednesday. The ball of publishing rolls ever onward!

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