Two releases, one day

October is now my official favorite month.

Ok, not like that’s changed much. I’ve always been an autumn kind of guy. I love the sounds, smells, and temperatures of September-November, (back-to-school to Christmas, actually). I even got married in October once. That didn’t stick, but my love of the season did.

But now, I have another reason to cheer. October 1st of this year sees the release of not one, but TWO anthologies in which I have a story I’m pretty proud of.

One of those I’ve known about for a while, since I’m publishing the Cobalt City Timeslip anthology. I set the date, and even though I’m going to have a few copies before the official release to sell at Foolscap 12, the actual release has been the 1st since the project was conceived.

So imagine my joy when I find out that the Rigor Amortis anthology from Absolute X-press is coming out the same day. Check out that link. Drink in the glory of that cover. It makes a fella swoon, yes indeedy. My story even got mentioned in the description…unless someone else wrote about honkey-tonk zombies.

So mark your calendars. Two stories with a musical bent (honkey-tonk and disco — one with amorous zombies, one with the reincarnation of Norse gods) will be there to brighten your October. And if you’re going past the kitchen, can you snag me a piece of pumpkin bread?

2 thoughts on “Two releases, one day

  1. The “vending machine” bit in the description might be my story, but since that’s not quite an accurate description (more like pinball machines with body parts) I’ll assume it’s someone else with a similarly messed-up idea 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading yours!

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