Nightmares to some, plot ideas for others

It’s a horrible mental image…stuck trying to get a locker combination to work in a school hallway, a building you don’t even know, and then you get hit with a premonition. No, not a premonition, but a vision that knocks you to your knees: fire erupting from the blacked brick doorway of a school, children running from the door, burning as they run. Maybe if you can get the locker open, you can stop it. Maybe you will find yourself trapped in the impending conflagration.

And still the numbers on that dial refuse to line up. The lock refuses to budge. And you’re trapped. Helpless.

Trust me from first-hand experience: having that play across your inner silver-screen first thing in the morning is a crappy way to wake up. But in telling the nightmare to a friend later that morning, she reminded me of something. “Yes, it’s a bad dream, but it could make a good story.”

Thank you subconscious. You give me horrors, I give you horror stories. Now to make it work…

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