Checkpoint achieved – level boss ahead

All submissions for Cobalt City Timeslip anthology are now in hand. Editor’s notes for revisions are already on their way out. I will have a full Table of Contents, complete with the order of appearance, in the next 24 hours, but for now it’s a nice, tight little line-up. A good mix of proven talents, emerging writers, and a few new discoveries, all packed into one 7 story digest-sized anthology with illustrations.

The road is not over yet. Once the writers finish their jobs, the hard work of assembling takes place. And since we’re on a pretty demanding self-imposed schedule, the next few weeks will be…let’s say “hectic.”

But when it’s all done, the first new book from Timid Pirate Publishing will be out there in the world. Words can’t really do justice to how happy this makes me. My partners and I are already talking eagerly about the next steps, the next projects, and some of the great promotional/marketing ideas we have.

And I’m eager to knock out a few more quick Cobalt City stories. I had forgotten just how much I love playing in this sandbox and sharing it with other creative people. Look for much more very soon.

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