More anthology news – Rigor Amortis

Year of the anthology for me? I think so!

It’s now official. My little honkey-tonk zombie love story will be published in the Rigor Amortis anthology coming out later this year. My part went from amused Twitter conversation to story over the course of a weekend. In that time the little zombie-erotica-anthology-that-could managed to land a publisher. Comprised of what promises to be some of the most disturbing flash fiction you’ve ever seen, it is also my first erotica publication.

Two months, from concept to Table of Contents. This, right here, is why I love small press. The ability to take an idea and run with it makes art and writing vital.

Certainly a lot more vital than the zombies in my story. But that you’ll have to discover for yourself when this dark delight is released later this year.

3 thoughts on “More anthology news – Rigor Amortis

  1. I am both eager to see and filled with trepidation over what dark horrors my fellow writers might have unleashed in those pages. I strongly suspect that mine will be mild in comparison. In fact, mine is almost kind of sweet, all things considered.

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