Back from the void

It’s been far too long since my last update. Why, you may ask? In a word — busy.

Now for more words.

I decided some time ago that I would be moving this summer, getting out of my occasionally gloomy, frequently noisy, and always northerly apartment into something closer my main social outlets. I had planned on making that move at the end of June. The universe had other plans, and I ended up taking a place mere blocks from my social hub in the middle of the month. It even has a view!

To say that I was in no way prepared for the move two weeks ahead or schedule is a vast understatement. Thankfully, dear friends pitched in, most everything has been moved into my new apartment, and all that remains are a few boxes to be put away and an old apartment to be cleaned (including a significant dump-run).

This has put me behind on my writing and other authorial obligations. I have things to follow up with for Timid Pirate Publishing. I have an RPG sourcebook to finish. I have two stories due for anthologies in August. And I still have my dang novel to finish.

To that end, I’m doing the Clarion Write-a-Thon, inspired by my friend Arinn Dembo (who is also a participant). My goal is to finish both stories and the novel by the end of the month. I’ll be posting updates here, as always. In return, you can donate to the wonderful folks at Clarion who I am sponsoring with my efforts.

If I make my donation goal, I’ll put up a fresh story for everyone’s enjoyment — one that they have likely not seen before. If I make my writing goal, well, you’ll have even more of my fiction to read in the near future, making all of us winners.

Click through and donate if you can. Clarion is a wonderful training program that is helping hone the spec fiction writers of the future. In a world where libraries are closing, few people are making a living as authors, and literacy of the masses sometimes resembles text messages, it’s inspiring to know that some people still care enough to want to share their stories.

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