Press Clipping for Close Encounters

I’d like to thank Doree from the Phinneywood Blog for the lovely press coverage of the upcoming Wayward Coffeehouse reading that turned into a brief interview of yours truly. I recommend reading the article not because I’m as narcissistic as the average writer, but because I’ve adored the Phinneywood Blog for a while now. And it also gives you a little insight into the anthology and my story, “Frames of Reference.”

Here’s a bit from my afterword as it appears in the book, without revealing too much about the dark surprises:

This was almost a story about sewer gators. Really. But fate intervened in a fabulous way and reminded me about the urban legend of “snuff films.” In an era where it seems everything from the most mundane aspects of our lives to prisoner torture is televised entertainment, how far of a stretch is a human death captured on film? Not an act of war or tragic accident, but cold, deliberate murder as staged entertainment. It seems that for now at least, the real McCoy is as thankfully elusive as proof of extra-terrestrial intelligence.

The reading in my adopted neighborhood is at the Wayward Coffeehouse this Saturday, the 10th, from 8-10. Copies of the book will be available, but I recommend bringing cash if you intend to purchase one. If you miss that reading, we’ll be at the University Bookstore in the U-District from 7-9 on Thursday the 15th. The bookstore will be stocking the anthology so you can pick one up there as well.

Come for the readings, stay for the alien abduction!

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