Sometimes writing is magical…

…and sometimes, it’s work.

This is one of those times.

Show me a writer who loves writing pitches and synopsis, and I’ll show you a writer who belongs in museum of oddities. But the ugly truth of the business is that without the pitch, the query, the synopsis — you know, the WORK part of the job — writing might as well be a hobby. ‘Cause of the end of the day, those things are just necessary to sell a novel. And unbridled excitement it most certainly is NOT.

As fate would have it, that what I have on my “Do list” for the next 3 days. Because I have one finished and polished novel, one almost finished possible breakout novel, and two self-published novels that I would love to get reprinted by a larger publisher. And with Norwescon right around the corner, it would be really damn handy to try and close the loop on these projects.

But like writing itself, finally being done with it all is going to feel spectacular. Because even if I don’t land an agent or publisher next week, I’ll at least have the tools to pursue it on my own schedule for the next month or so as I shift gears from soon-to-be finished novel to the next project on the list.

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