Close Encounters of the Urban Kind readings

It is official. There are now two readings scheduled for CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE URBAN KIND (which is released April 4th. Get your pre-order here, me hearties!).

The first is:
Saturday, April 10th
Wayward Coffeehouse in Greenwood (8570 Greenwood Avenue N)
Editor Jennifer Brozek and authors Nathan Crowder (that would be me), Erik Scott de Bie, and Rosemary Jones will be in attendance. Jennifer will be bringing books along for those who didn’t pre-order.

The second is
Thursday, April 15th
University Bookstore, Seattle
Jennifer Brozek, me, Erik Scott de Bie, Rosemary Jones, and Mark Henry should be there. And the University Bookstore would be more than happy to sell you a copy of the anthology, as well as copies of the author’s other publications.

Come along to one or both for some fun and occasionally spooky tales of aliens and urban mythology. You might even be lucky enough to find me at Trabant before the April 15th reading where I will be enjoying their delightful Mexican mocha.

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