Con’ Man News – Norwescon 33

My tentative schedule for Norwescon has crossed my desk. Four panels spread out over four days (two on Saturday) and a reading of “Deacon Carter’s Last Dime” at 12:30 on Friday. At this point, none of the panels start earlier than noon, none start later than 8 PM, and I get to moderate two of them, including one on horror in movies and television.

All in all, I’m incredibly pleased. Considering that my piece in Close Encounters of the Urban Kind, (which is released the last day of the convention) is about film, I’m pleased as punch to be in 3 panels on genre film – a matter close to my dark little heart.

Come on by the convention, April 1-4 at the Double Tree Hotel in SeaTac, if you’re in the area. Join me for a coffee, get something signed, or listen to me rant about little-known horror movies that you should see — Saturday afternoon at 2. I’ll give you a hint: one of them is Italian, from 1971. Should be a hoot!

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