Time Ain’t No Friend of Mine

In under two weeks, I am expected to turn in the first draft of the RPG sourcebook I’m working on. Until I get the “All clear” from the publisher, I’m keeping pretty quiet about what system it’s for. What I can say is that it’s a new-system reboot for a very well received Sci-Fi game from a few years back — one that’s very close to my heart. My book is going to be Ports of Call — a collection of ports complete with hooks, new playable races, and NPC’s that can be dropped with ease into an ongoing game or used as a jumping off point for a one-shot or ongoing campaign. I’m happy with the product so far, but pulling all the pieces together is taking long than I had hoped. 13 days from now, it’s going to be off to the publisher for notes and a rewrite. In the time between now and then, all hands are on deck.

It is still very possible that I will have a finished first draft of Ink Calls to Ink ready for Norwescon (April 1-4) as well. I will at the very least be painfully close to done, with a full synopsis and polished first 50 pages. I am nothing if not prepared!

And in other writerly news, I just had a review of Cobalt City Christmas pointed out to me yesterday. To say it makes me happy would be an understatement.

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