Ink Calls to Ink

In my experience, when it comes to writing novels, some of them fly by, while some drag on forever. I had hoped that Ink Calls to Ink would be of the first variety. The first 30,000 words couldn’t wait to get out. But now, as I’m about 30,000 from the END of the book, things are less smooth. And it isn’t as though I don’t enjoy the story or the new chapters I’m putting down. I’m thrilled with each new bit. But convincing myself to sit down and focus on the novel rather than short stories or a RPG sourcebook I’m writing is no easy task. At least I have a short story ready to submit to market once I get and apply feedback from my reader.

I had a goal of finishing the first draft by the end of February. Not long o go now, and I’m not certain it can be done. To be fair, those are my own goals, not ones set by an agent of publisher. But I still would prefer to be done with it now.

And once I’m done with the first draft of Ink Calls to Ink, I have a hard deadline of March 15th for the sourcebook.

Then, and only then, can I move on to the next novel. Assuming I can resolve the internal conflict over what novel that will be — the final book in my Protectorate series, or the sequel to an as-of-yet unpublished mystery novel set in the fringes of Tuscon’s musical scene. Decisions, decisions…

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