Post a Story for Haiti

The wonderful folks over at Crossed Genres (Bart Leib and Kay Holt) recently had a fabulous idea: free fiction posted by a bevy of speculative fiction authors with links to donate to a variety of organizations bringing aid to Haiti. You get a story, those in need in Haiti can get some help. But even if you don’t donate, you can still read the stories.

I love that kind of generosity. And I love the chance to draw a little attention to Partners in Health, one of the aid groups that has been in Haiti for years doing wonderful work.

This is the first story written in my Cobalt City universe. Featuring Gato Loco with a guest appearance by Mister Gray and Katherine Wilde, this was the seed for Cobalt City Blues. Because of it’s length (just over 8,000 words), subject matter (it’s a little grim and R-rated), and the fact that it deals with a leather-clad vigilante motorcyclist, regular publication for “Masks” has always been, well…elusive. But as an important piece of Cobalt City ephemera, I wanted to share it with the fans. So there it is, on the link below. Enjoy.

Masks: a de la Vega Mystery

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